Environmental Services

GE Mechanical, Inc., has expanded its services to include an Environmental Service Division. This division encompasses a wide range of markets utilizing Vactor technology. The Vactor Hydro-Excavation machine features innovative state-of-the-art equipment allowing for efficient and reliable service. Our hydro-excavating services can safely and confidently locate any underground utility such as gas lines, electric line-sets/conduit, telephone wires, fiber optics, and any other precious utility through non-destructive digging.

Other Means of Excavating Present Potential Risk. Our Vactor services can quickly eliminate your flooding concerns by cleaning your clogged or dirty storm drains up to 60” without damaging your pond liners and/or irrigation sumps. We can also eliminate accumulated pipeline grease and sludge without damaging your sewer walls to ensure that your sewer and drain systems remain operational. By cleaning your tank waste and transporting the material to the disposal facility, your downtime is minimized. Hydro-Excavating is cost-effective and SAFE. Locate utilities and prevent flooding with this State of the Art technology.

Our Environmental Services Include, But Are Not Limited to:

  • Acid Neutralization Tanks
  • Boring Samples
  • Auto Repair Facilities
  • Bentonite Slurry
  • Bulk Grease
  • Car/Truck Washes/Bays
  • Catch Basin Maintenance (PDF)
  • Combination Jet-Vac Services
  • Digesters
  • Drain Cleaning (up to 60” Dia.)
  • Ejector Pits & Lift Stations
  • Filter Media
  • Gas/Fuel Tank Installation/Removal
  • Grease Traps
  • Ground Water
  • Holding Tanks
  • Hydro-Excavating (PDF)
  • Non-Hazardous Wastewater
  • Oily Wastewater
  • OSHA Confined Space Entry
  • Milling Removal
  • Parking Lot Storm Drainage Systems
  • Process Wastewater
  • Retention Ponds, Lagoons and Catch Basins
  • Sanitary and Storm Sewer Systems
  • Sewer Utilities
  • Sign installers
  • Sludge Removal
  • Vacuum Truck Services – link to job pictures
  • Water Tower/Tank Sediment Removal
  • Water Utilities


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