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Septic Services

Septic ServicesDid you know that in North America approximately 25% of the population relies on septic tanks? This includes suburbs and small towns as well as rural areas. The importance of a well-maintained septic system cannot be overstated. Periodic preventive maintenance is required to remove the irreducible solids which settle and gradually fill the tank, reducing its efficiency. In most jurisdictions this maintenance is required by law, yet often not enforced. Those who ignore the requirement will eventually be faced with extremely costly repairs when solids escape the tank and destroy the clarified liquid effluent disposal means. A properly maintained system, on the other hand, can last for decades and possibly a lifetime.

G.E. Mechanical, LLC., offers septic system design, installation, maintenance, repair and removal. Our emergency service teams are available for immediate dispatch 24/7 to solve all of your septic problems. We also offer sewer cleaning from 1″ to 60 and are equipped to handle runs of over 500ft.

Did you know that our drain cleaning department is equipped with a high pressure jet machine, closed circuit TV inspection equipment and electronic line locating equipment? That’s right! Your call puts our knowledge and efforts into finding the problem and fixing it fast!